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Do white women dating pakistani men. Lighten up, Paul, don't blame the NHS

do white women dating pakistani men


  1. Some Pakistani men see white women as 'fair game', says Baroness Warsi
  2. Too many of us treat young white women as trash
  3. Would You Date An Asian Guy?

Tips for Pakistani Men Who Want to Date White Women. I was astounded by how much vitriol my piece generated from Muslims who, to paraphrase, told me I had no right to question why some of their women appeared to live more constrained lives than men.

I was falsely accused of being a Muslim-hater, of conjuring up spurious conclusions based upon my own, unrepresentative story. This collective anger which led some women to email me privately to tell me how devotedly they loved their white erupted even though I had stressed in my piece that I saw this primarily as a question of women's rights, being an example of males imposing values of obey and protect upon females, which happens in non-Muslim arenas too.

Because of the backlash, which I had not expected, believing I dating simply involved in a debate about women of men faiths and cultures being free to live as they choose, I have avoided the subject ever since, with a self-imposed vow of silence.

Until now - because, last week, I saw a new film whose themes include women rights of women under Islam, but this time from the point of women of a white who is both Pakistani and pakistani.

Some Pakistani men see white women as 'fair game', says Baroness Warsi

Khuda Kay Liye In the Name of God revolves around the story of a British Pakistani girl, whose dad men her "back home" on the pretext of a holiday, before forcing her to marry her fundamentalist first cousin.

She was going out with an English boy. And why not - all her dating are white, she's never been to Pakistan, and she's not a practising Muslim. When her step-mum finds out about the marriage plans she pakistani to prevent it, accusing her husband of hypocrisy as he lives with her - a white woman.

But the response she gets is that he will be the laughing stock of his community if he allows his daughter to see a white boy.

I'm a white guy who likes a Pakistani girl. Is there any hope. Fast forward 5 weeks and it turns out we have a ton in common, personality wise at least. Both hard working with success on the mind, both have a great attention to detail, both like planning, both put in work with the intention of future payoffs. We work together on every project because we both want them to turn out great. However, when working on a project, we use Google Docs so we can edit documents in real time, at the same time.

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Feb 12, - This video is about interracial relationships. It is a proof that white women are attracted to men of Pakistani heritage. Half pakistani. Jan 8, - Mohammed Shafiq, of Muslim youth group, the Ramadhan Foundation, called it racism. "These young men do not see white girls as equal, as.

Of course such victims are targeted. However, far more significant than colour is the fact that many of them are in care and, therefore, more vulnerable generally. Elsewhere, the supposedly all-important "Asian" element doesn't bear much scrutiny.

The authors of the widely quoted "on-street grooming" research have already expressed concern that their limited case samples have led to racial generalisations. Straw talks of young Asian men being like any others, "fizzing and popping with testosterone, but Pakistani girls are off limits", as if this weren't true of all young males, fizzing, popping, exploding, whatever, who find that some girls are sexually available, others not, for myriad reasons.

Likewise Mohammed Shafiq's comment about Asian men not viewing white women as equal or valuable as "their own daughters, their own sisters".

Too many of us treat young white women as trash

Well, join the chauvinist club, Asian guys. It seems to me that many men don't view females outside their immediate family circle or acquaintance as "equal, valuable or of high moral standing". Whenever sex workers are murdered, there is an effort to frame them as daughters, sisters and mothers, precisely because this is the easiest way to humanise them.

Even if Asian men tend to view white girls as easier meat, then where have they learned all this? Not only on the streets where they live, but also in the images surrounding them. There's endless coverage of drunken "ladettes" out on the lash, young girls being sick into gutters, lying in streets, smoking, getting pregnant, looking gormless, telling people with research clipboards that "all they wanna be is famous, innit". In the vast majority of cases, the girls featured are white.

Not because only white girls spend a period of their youth making mistakes, living and learning, but presumably because it is less tricky to use pictures of white girls. Images of young black girls making mistakes, living and learning, could so easily look a bit racist.

Do white women dating pakistani men The problem that so many Pakistani men face when dating white women is that they are often assumed to be chasing after white women solely with the . American White Man’s Opinion; To be blunt, I think of them as gorgeous but my hindsight would say don't approach them because they're probably already married or very conservative about dating.
Therefore, any coverage of them must be framed in more sombre reportage, which to me seems racist in itself.

Likewise, Asian girls mainly crop up when there are arranged marriages to fret over. All of this when figures show that all girls, regardless of race, tend to do better than boys at school and presumably, therefore, are pretty similar in other ways too.

Are all non-white girls so much better behaved or is this inverted racial stereotyping, evocative of a society that's become far too comfortable with images of young, female, white trash, to the extent that many white and black boys probably also think they're "easier"?

As the abuse in Derby involved children as young as 12, something even darker was going on. However, in the main, if young Asian guys have concluded that white girls are "easy meat", then there could be a lot more to this than good old handy "cultural differences". Paul Mason, formerly the world's fattest man, is said to be suing the NHS for "allowing" him to get to 70st.

Did his GP say to him: As he ballooned to the point where it became a military operation to get him to hospital, were nurses feeding him fry-ups? Mason is now 37st, thanks to gastric surgery performed by the NHS. It's impossible to see pictures of Mason at his heaviest and not feel sorry for him. One day, someone will explain why people in this state always have to be shown naked and not covered by a dignity-preserving sheet.

At 70st, Mason resembled something fashioned by a malevolent balloon artist at the birthday party of a demonically possessed child. I s Jack Straw right: He spoke after the sentencing of Abid Mohammed Saddique and Mohammed Romaan Liaqat , ringleaders of a group that targeted girls between 12 and 18 in the Derby area, grooming them for sex. Straw said that this was noticeable in his constituency, Blackburn: Elsewhere, there was talk of a "conspiracy of silence", a politically correct muzzling of this issue. It could be that Mason has a strong legal case. Still, at which point on his journey to lbs, did he start noticing that something wasn't right? Some of my friends also have dated men from Pakistan and India and also felt the same. I think most women just want to be accepted as a partner, an equal.

Firstly, not all English girls. This is untrue, because a lot of British women do like Pakistani guys They are definitely better looking than English guys.

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Ask New Question Sign In. Why do white English girls not like Pakistani men? Thank you for asking Uzeyr. You are however asking about white English girls. I'm not sure why only the white ones, but no matter as I am not English. Perhaps I should decline to answer, but I do live in London and consider it home so I will attempt to give you one nevertheless. And also, I am answering you, not all Pakistani men, and I am answering for myself, not all eligible women in Britain, but I have an inkling that most of them would feel quite the same.

Allow me to quote you from one of your answers here on Quora: I don't want her to help me in my business nor will I help her on cleaning and stuff. I think it's fair if she does her work well, house, the kids shouldn't get neglected. If ur a women who doesn't want to do her duties then JUST don't get married! Stay single and do whatever u want! But if a girl comes in my house, she has to manage it well.

Includes cooking, kids, shopping for groceries etc. Call me a mama's boy, I don't car! I'm gonna stick to what's rite!!!!! Does a girl who is well equipped in household chores and has all the housekeeping skills, is any better than a girl who's understanding and caring, but lacks the desired skills as mentioned above? So in your view that's all well and I can do what I want, which I very happily do.

But if I was to marry, I would expect nothing less than being a partner to my husband. I will expect he can look after himself, and what he will want from our relationship is to share our lives, enjoy companionship, closeness, intimacy, exchange of ideas and experiences. What I will not expect is to stay at home and cater to his needs.

I would expect we will both work, unless something serious happens or we have children and we decide on a certain childcare route. I will expect he does some of the house chores and I do some as well. I will expect he will be absolutely fine with me going out with my friends, male and female with or without him etc, etc. So, as this is not what you want from your partner, we would be completely incompatible. As I have stated above, I am sure that most English women, white or not, would feel the same way, therefore, they might refuse an offer for a date or relationship.

Thank you for your feedback! Do American girls like Pakistani guys? Will Pakistani men marry Catholic girls? Are Chinese girls interested in Pakistani men?

Are Arab girls interested in Pakistani boys? Answered Jul 14, Answered Jul 2, I wouldn't say it's right to generalise white English girls don't like Pakistani men. I'm a white English girl myself, I've never had such a prejudice against them. However I must admit in some cases there are cultural and religious differences, and when 2 parties don't respect and accept these differences, and try to enforce their belief systems upon each other, then problems do arise.

Would You Date An Asian Guy?

Some Pakistani men see white women as 'fair game', says Baroness Warsi - Telegraph Dec 7, - To his highness, you will be the gateway to a dowry, the mother to his child and an assistant for his mother. Jackpot! Jul 6, - But as much as I liked it—and I did—I also found myself exhausted, yet again, by the onscreen depiction of a brown man wanting to date a white woman, in a happy relationship with a Pakistani woman satisfies those optics. Jul 17, - I'm not sure why only the white ones, but no matter as I am not English. Anyone who's dating or in a relationship should visit this website. I am answering you, not all Pakistani men, and I am answering for myself, not all eligible women in  Would a Chinese woman date a Pakistani man? Do white women dating pakistani men