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  1. 11 Double Standards in Relationships That Must End NOW!
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  3. Comics That Perfectly Illustrate Society's Double Standards

Dash - Wikipedia Is your relationship jeopardized by double standards? Big or small, they can threaten the health of a relationship. By learning to recognize the signs, the risk can be reduced.

Then you can take action to eliminate them. You might be doing it right now and not know it.

11 Double Standards in Relationships That Must End NOW!

Double standards often occur without premeditation or malice.

In most cases, the offender is unaware. But it can still be hurtful. Double standards can be small and unassuming.

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Here are 7 common double standards in marriage and ways to avoid them. Meeting Each Other's Needs. She expects all of her emotional needs to be met before having sex. Her Parents and His Parents. Spending Habits. Her Friends and His Friends. Household Chores. Hurting One Another. Watching the Kids. There are too many double standards in relationships that can ruin a good thing. Being aware of them can help you avoid your relationship's demise.

You know how it goes "Do unto others. Don't you want to be treated with fairness? It's actually a simple theory; treat your partner like you want to be treated. Your relationship will be better. Your trust will be stronger. And those double standards will fade. Unfortunately, double standards are everywhere. That's unlikely to change.

But with a little work, and a willingness to communicate, they can be put to rest in your relationship.

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Double standard examples in relationships A double standard occurs when members of two or more groups are treated differently regarding the same thing, for instance, a dress code that allows men to wear shorts, but says that women can't. Women complain about the sexual “double standard” all the time. “Why is a girl who sleeps around a slut but when a guy does it he gets praise?
For example, most women want a husband who has the nerve to get out of bed in the middle of the night to check out the creepy sound coming from the basement. Having courageous boyfriends and husbands gives us ladies a sense of peace and security and I think God put that need in us.

On the other hand, most men I know appreciate having a kind, gentle woman who is willing to keep a relatively clean home. Wives have the power to make a house a haven of rest or a detention hall. Double standards come into play when one spouse puts an expectation on the other that he or she does not fulfill in return.

In the case of roles, one spouse may choose to stay home and run the household while the other goes out into the workforce. In that scenario, both people are working together to keep the household running. I work the outside jobs. Both of you should keep these private secrets just to yourselves.

Furthermore , a girl can easily ask for something she wants from her man but when he does it, he is termed as controlling. If for any reason a guy refuses to do what his girl says, it can put a full stop to their relationship.

This is not how relationships work. To be able to understand the needs of your partner and respecting their requests is what makes relationships stronger.

Household chores are generally gender based. Some jobs around the house are for the woman to do and some are for the man. It is expected for the wife to make dinner every time and whenever a man does it, it is considered he is the doing way above and beyond. If these roles are already declared then it is okay but if not, it will give rise to double standards in a marriage and will lead to misunderstandings.

Beware the Double Standard

Double standard examples in relationships They think it is acceptable when they yell at their partner just because they are upset.

But when the roles are reversed, it is considered going beyond limits. Although playing this sex card is super effective to get what you want. Sex should be something that is a result of intimacy between you two and should not be treated as a reward. This could be due to many reasons. This way she can avoid the awkwardness. Whatever the reason might be, the truth is that women fake their orgasms and they should not because it is one of the weird double standards in relationships.

That is why they have to do what their girls want them to do. And secondly, even if they do, they are not allowed to be out with them because their girls do not approve it. Again, this might be due to their possessive nature discussed above. That is why this is a double standard in a relationship that should be corrected as soon as possible.

Comics That Perfectly Illustrate Society's Double Standards

11 [TOXIC] Double Standards in Relationships That Must End NOW! Sep 2, - Is your relationship jeopardized by double standards? Big or small, they can threaten the health of a relationship. By learning to recognize the. Double standard examples in relationships